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Sharing the Hawaiian Experience as an Exhale from the Everyday


We are honored to be named one of the Top 100 Spirits by Wine Enthusiast. The Top 100 Spirits are the cream of the crop of hundreds of bottles that spirits reviewer Kara Newman sampled in blind tastings over the past 12 months. ⁠ "Made from the fresh-pressed juice of 40 sugarcane varieties grown on the producer's farm in Kohala, Hawaii, this single estate white rum has an enticing grassy aroma and lively palate that bounces from hints of green banana and lemongrass to a lightly peppery, mentholated finish. Mix into all the mojitos." – Kara Newman⁠ ⁠

Also, Imbibe Magazine named us on their list of 75 inspiring people and places that will shape the way you drink in 2023.

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